July 25, 2018

Many Kinds of Swimwear Women Designs by Billabong

We have to keep our health. If we are healthy, we can do many activities. On the other hand, if we are unhealthy, it seems very hard to do everything. We can say that health is very important in our life. There are many ways that we can do to keep our body healthy. One of them is by doing sports. When we do sports, we need sports outfit. In this article, we will talk about the swimsuit. Talking more specific, we will discuss swimwear women.

It is a kind of swimming outfit for women. The design is different from men’s swimwear. The swimwear women can be used in various kinds of water sports such as diving, surfing, water skiing, water polo, etc. The design of swimwear is made specifically so that it is light in water. It is also flexible in design.

15c143fb544a8429402838fc205e1a56192380d7_760xThere are many hooded beach towels and swimwear by Billabong that we recognize today. There are the bikini, one piece, and monokini. The swimwear women that are specifically designed for Muslim women are called burkini. It is similar to the divers’ swimsuit. It covers the whole body including the head except the face. There is also swimwear that is designed for swimming competition. Usually, the swimwear that is specifically designed for swimming competition is designed to reduce skin drag.

The one-piece design of swimwear women is the most common design for women. It is adapted from the design of tank top. This kind of swimwear design is also called a tank suit. The bikini design only covers the breast and the buttock. It is available in many different styles. So, it will enable women to choose their own bikini styles that suit with their interest. The last type of swimwear women is called monokini. It is a kind of swimwear design that exposes the breasts. It is invented by Rudi Gernreich in 1964.

She further says that when the bottoms and the tops are bought separately, it is easy to get the perfect fit and recommends women to invest in two swimsuits in order to ensure that they last longer.

From Top

Swimsuits that come with adjustable straps are ranked among the most popular choices today. These come with underwire and Betts says that this feature gives women with large breasts the opportunity to keep them lifted. Due to this fact, most tops are able to give women not only support but coverage as well.

Around Middle

For a majority of women, finding swimsuits that deliver tummy control is important and Betts says that Spanx comes with such features. She also says they have Coco Reef, Profile suits, Inches Away and Miraclesuit which have the ability to minimize the hips and stomach. Betts advanced women who want to capitalize on this to opt for swimsuits with diagonal patterns, ruching, control panels and dark colors.

Bottom Line

Swimsuits that have ruffles or skirts are ranked among the biggest trends. In the past, skirted designs were a preserve for older women but the younger generation is also taking up to the designs. Betts says that younger girls also love skirted designs and especially those with ruches since they camouflage flows.

Feminine Flair

Some of the popular trends according to Betts include floral prints, ruffles and polka dots. She says that classic swimsuits are also popular with the common choice been Ralph Lauren and attributes this to the simplicity of the swim suits.

Finishing Touch

Since not all women are comfortable Betts also recommends cover up suits. She says they come in handy for going to restaurants without necessarily changing. They come in different designs such as tube tops and Bohemian styles.