July 31, 2018

Pool Decking Are The Perfect Accessories for Above Ground Pools

People in many parts of the world own swimming pools in their backyards. Pools can either be in-ground or above ground. To get into an above ground pool, people usually use a ladder. However, pool decks serve as an alternate option and can make entering and exiting a pool much easier. People tend to prefer in-ground pools to above ground pools because of their appearance. Above ground, pools tend to look bulky and unappealing. Outdoor pool decking has always been popular; they are a way to civilize the outdoor experience, letting you enjoy the fresh air while keeping you out of the dirt, grass, and foliage.

4615d1_2266578d0394408d96b9773c3e7bdc51~mv2_d_2448_3264_s_4_2While buying or constructing a pool, keep in mind that your swimming pool is not only a place of leisure but also a place of activity. If you have children, the sturdy, low cost decking installation in Perth will serve as the area where they can play. If you love entertaining people then the pool deck will serve as the place where people will spend a lot of time during parties eating, drinking, reading, sunbathing or just having a good time. Your pool deck can also hold a Perth area, a hot tub or a Jacuzzi.

Just like a traditional deck, most pool decks attached to your home. The most common building material for outdoor decking is wood, namely, pressure-treated lumber. Pressure-treated lumber is created by forcing chemicals into the wood under intense pressures, hence the name. These chemicals act as preservatives for the wood and help keep moisture out and prevent rotting, decay and insect damage. The main issue with wooden decks is the maintenance and repair they require. Insect damage, peeling paint, water damage, warping, and cracking are some of the issues you will face. However, composite and metal decks are alternatives to wooden decks. Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Perth decking installation, remodeling, repainting, and resurfacing services:

What Services can you Provide?

There’s not much that we can’t do! We do anything from: removing old decking, deck remodeling, repainting, concrete resurfacing, pool deck design, repairs, bonding, other cool deck coatings, kits, plans, cool deck concrete topping, nonslip flooring, sealer, expansion joints, drains, drain channels, drain covers and so much more! Just ask us and we can deliver!

4615d1_59d45a298b644b26bcd269ed5eebf07d~mv2_d_1632_1224_s_2Which Cities do you serve?

Pool Decking Perth covers all of the Area.

What type of pool decking services and flooring option finishes do you have?

Colored concrete, natural concrete, exposed aggregate, flagstone, textured slate, Marbella stone, travertine, Cantera stone, pavers, acrylic stamp patterns, acrylic lace coating, kool deck (pool deck) stamp patterns and so much more! Our main goal for pool decks in Perth is to give you the best looking pool decking around without emptying your wallet!

Oh yeah, the wallet… How much do these services cost me?

While no two projects are quite the same, it depends on the size and scope of your project, obviously. Give us a call today and we will run right out for a free – no strings attached – estimate. We promise to honor our original quote and won’t go price gouging on you later.