July 26, 2018

Top Considerations When Choosing Commercial Garage Doors

Energy Efficiency – not all garage doors are built equally. Depending on the material of the door, energy consumption can increase or decrease. Additionally, there are add-on accessories including cool coat paint to be applied, which ups the energy efficiency levels of the door.

Let’s explain:

garage-door-automation12-600x800Many of these doors are built from wood or steel, each material of which will have varied levels of heat retention. By purchasing garage door automation with reflective properties, heat and glare are diverted away from the door, and back into the atmosphere. This helps keep the insides cool during the summer and warm in the winter. An additional accessory that can be applied to the garage door, besides cooling paint, would be a retractable awning or canopy. These provide additional benefits to commercial businesses, just like branding.

Safety – another top concern for business owners is safety since inventory and valuables are usually stocked in garages and warehouses – the most common users of commercial overhead doors. Consumers can choose doors that feature top security, as well as add-on accessories just like video monitoring, garage door automation cost in Melbourne, as well as extra locking systems and peepholes.

Style – one of the main decision making factors when purchasing any type of product, including garage doors is the style of the goods. There are so many selections of styles to choose from, including those with added windows or skylines for instance. Customers can furthermore request tailored versions from a range of suppliers – for an added cost.

Garage Door Wind Codes – to add an extra layer of security to the building, commercial business owners will want to ensure that the garage door meets several specifications, including being resistant to high wind speeds – especially in environs that are predisposed to storms. The last thing commercial owners will want to do is invest in these systems for security – only to find that there’s some detriment of the door being damaged during an average storm. To deter this incidence, be sure to check the wind codes from the manufacturer. Additionally, buyers can review past testimonials regarding quality and resistance.

Zoning Approval – just about every aspect of the architecture of the building is examined by the zoning department of the state. Building owners will want to ensure that these garage doors are within the bounds of state requirements. The zoning department may, for instance, examine how long it takes to open and close the garage – especially when this is one of the limited numbers of exits. The state will want to ensure that in the event of an emergency, safe access and exits are available to all occupants in the building, as well as emergency departments, like the fire and police crew.

Learn more about which varieties of garage doors are better for your business, in which case wood and metal are the most popular options. We know one of the main reasons we have garage doors is to protect what we put inside the garage from harsh weather of all kinds. Keep your car from experiencing wind, rain and hail damage with a quality garage door.