April 1, 2018

Weight Loss Protein Shakes – Know How to Use Them

Protein shakes play an important role towards restoration of energy and body-building. You can certainly look down upon them as supplements for muscle-building. These shakes are meant to serve certain purposes and are found in various types. In order to achieve a certain goal one must learn about the final-results of consuming various shakes. Consuming shakes without prior knowledge of its effects might just yield the opposite results that one desires to achieve. It often happens with people who consume weight loss protein shakes consistently to shed a few pounds and often end up adding a few more than losing them. It is for this group that some special weight loss protein shakes are found in the shops.

You may also prepare such shakes within the comfort of your own home.

Weight Loss Protein Shakes – Not a Meal Replacement

It is certainly important for all of us to remember that our regular meals should never be replaced with weight loss protein shakes. It is in your best interest to consume protein shakes in the morning. You may consume shakes immediately following your workouts. The best time when your body assimilates proteins is when you’ve performed workouts for a few hours or when you’ve woken up from sleep after about 7-8 hours. It is at these times that your body rebuilds repairs and restores energy.

You may surely gain control over your unwanted flesh by increasing the growth of your muscle mass, which causes considerable weight loss. It is this theory that helps prepare various protein shakes for weight loss. For those of us who’re overweight, a protein-rich diet is often suggested. With such diets, they might just be able to lose about 4-5 pounds each month. Such weight loss also gets associated with regular exercise, avoiding fizzy soda drinks and a much lower consumption of calorie-less diet.  Preparing shakes from scratch will suddenly allow you to add a certain amount of protein within your weight-loss plan. Let’s study the steps to prepare real good weight loss protein shakes for your use:

Weight Loss Protein Shakes – Preparation

  • Buy some protein powder of the highest quality. Once you visit the market, you’re likely to find protein powders of great quality, and whey is certainly one of the best that you can choose from. Please don’t forget to confirm that the whey product that you’re buying will actually help you to lose weight. Rice and soy proteins are great substitutes of protein powder in case you have a low budget or if you’re a vegan.
  • You must choose a fluid base. It could just be soy milk, almond milk, fruit juice, cow milk, or plain water.
  • Your weight loss protein shakes must also contain some fruit fibers. The process of digestion gets slackened within your body as these fruit fibers occupy your stomach for a more hours. As your day progresses the consumption of calories also remains slow.
  • Get some coconut oil and mix all the components. The metabolism of your body cranks the fatty acids of medium chain borne by the coconut oil. A few shredded coconuts may also be added with this.
  • Once this mixture is prepared you may add yogurt to it. Alongside the source of rich protein in yogurt, it also bears calcium which causes considerable loss of fat and its glycemic index is low.
  • Now, such mixture has to be stirred well before you drink these weight loss protein shakes.

Drinking protein is a great way to supplement your weight loss efforts.  Restricting calorie count by taking more weight loss protein shakes and eating less of other unhealthy foods is a good start.  And you can use a the best cheap whey protein powder so your bank account doesn’t get skinny along with your body.